Don’t miss New Zealand AgriFood Week 2021

We are staring down the barrel of fundamental transformation in our food system. Environmental crises are colliding with cultural mega-trends, disruptive technology and widening social inequality.

One way or another, the way we feed people is going to change. That means the onus is on us – food producers and their supporters – to change first. Transformation is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity for survival.

This is a time for moving past the myopic debates – like alternative vs traditional protein – and looking harder at those at the cutting edge of food. It’s about understanding their perspective on positive change, and how they intend to transform their organisation, sector or indeed the world.

At New Zealand AgriFood Week 2021, we’ll hear multiple, sometimes conflicting, theories of change by the people out there, doing the mahi.

Theories like the 10X transformative power of alternative proteins, livestock as fundamental to food, supermarkets as pro-social leaders or how our domestic food system fails Kiwis.

The real question isn’t which of these ‘futures’ is the right one – but how each perspective might influence our own big, bold, scary and inevitable transformations ahead.

Find out more about events and speakers, and confirm your place at NZ AgriFood Week 2021.

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