ASB Perspective 2025: What’s it all about?

Industry leaders come together for a round-table discussion for ASB P2025.

Event details: Perspective 2025 Thursday March 15th, 7:00am-9:00am at the Wallace Development Company Theatre. Tickets are $25.00 each.

ASB Perspective 2025 is a breakfast-time event which connects six female industry leaders working in different roles across the food value chain from research and development, farming, marketing, disruptive business models and global growth, and brings them together in a boardroom-style discussion to analyse the transformation of food producers.

As New Zealanders we’re known for our innovative ideas, so for this year’s highly anticipated ASB Perspective 2025 event we are putting creativity front and centre, asking whether it’s the core element required for transforming our food producers for the future.

Creativity comes in many forms from farming practices to technology on farm; the development of a new product, its branding and story and how that’s communicated, through to a brand’s understanding of, and connection with its consumers.

But is creativity the main ingredient for transforming an industry? How does a company ensure a new idea is actually feasible as a business when it comes to food safety regulations? Is the latest hyped-up marketing technique the right one to spend money on, or has it been identified as a solution to a problem that can be solved using a more traditional communication technique?

Meet our Perspective 2025 speakers and learn more about them here.

Komal Mistry, General Manager Fonterra Ventures

Dr Abby Thompson, CEO FoodHQ

Chanelle O’Sullivan, Entrepreneur, farmer and founder of NZ Farming Mums Facebook group

Midge Munro, Group Communications Manager Darling Group

Lynley Wyeth, Spring Valley Enterprises Director

Julia Jones, Farm Enterprise Specialist, KPMG & Chair of Perspective 2025

Top L-R: Komal Mistry, Chanelle O’Sullivan, Abby Thompson. Bottom L-R: Julia Jones, Midge Munro, Lynley Wyeth.

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