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What is New Zealand AgriFood Week?

Hosted by the Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA), New Zealand AgriFood Week sits at the intersection of agriculture, science, food and technology.

The week-long event series boasts an extensive line-up of events, forums and thought-provoking discussions that delves into the opportunities and challenges faced by our food sector, as well as the research and development, projects and innovative solutions that are meeting these head on; this is about excellence in agrifood and agritech, inspiring the next generation of farmers, scientists, innovators ​and consumers.

New Zealand AgriFood Week aims to be a global platform allowing agriculture, industry, research, policy makers and consumers to challenge, cross pollinate, foster ideas and develop clear pathways to actionable outcomes that seek to solve some of the world’s biggest food challenges.

For one week every year New Zealand AgriFood Week takes place at the epicentre of Agrifood innovation in New Zealand, Manawatū. It provides the nation and the world with a window to fresh, positive views on the future of food.

New Zealand AgriFood Week 2020 Theme

We’ve successfully sold ‘brand New Zealand’ to the world – now how can we practically bring it home to enhance our sector’s future? New Zealand AgriFood Week will this year focus in on New Zealand’s reputation in our own backyard.

New Zealand is known for its premium food and wine, and we’ve earned a global reputation lauded and championed in overseas markets. But what is New Zealand's agrifood reputation in our communities? What do our local consumers think when they think of the sector? If we can build greater pride, understanding and interest of what's happening within food production and consumption, what impact and outcomes could this have for the future of food in New Zealand?

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